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Front Layout Position with Handstand Trainer – Tony Retrosi

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Here is a unique drill from Tony Retrosi to improve body positions
for front layouts using a handstand trainer.


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Trampoline Drill for Bars – Tony Retrosi

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The shoot over with 1/2 twist on uneven bars is a very common skill for competitive bar routines. Here Tony Retrosi shows a trampoline drill to help with the air awareness portion of the skill.

Watch more gymnastic training videos on The Gymnastic Minute Channel on YouTube.

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Combination Tumbling – Tony Retrosi

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
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Combination Tumbling

Tony Retrosi

Women’s Gymnastics –

Floor Exercise





Tom Beach


37 minutes


TRB Design, Inc

Tony Retrosi’s DVD, Combination Tumbling, covers several drills and skills to learn tumbling combinations that will increase your start values. He covers exercises to develop and increase leg strength necessary to learn and perform combination tumbling both forwards and backwards, combination forward tumbling, combination backwards tumbling, and integrating forward and backwards together. Tony’s athletes demonstrate front flysprings, series of front flips, twisting forwards, whip-backs, and twisting backwards. His explanations are clear with excellent demonstrations from his athletes. This is a great video for any club or program

Portrait Tony Retrosi
Tony Retrosi, since 1994, is the owner, Head Coach and Program director of Atlantic Gymnastics Centers. He is a highly respected and popular National and Regional speaker on the technical aspects of gymnastics, safety and risk management. Tony believes that it is important for every athlete to get as much out of sports as they possibly can by having a positive and successful experience. From this positive experience athletes will discover the link between desire, dedication, focus and hard work to achieve their dreams.

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