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New Jan DVDs

Welcome to a new decade 2010!


What a year it has been, and 2010 has started off with a BANG!!

Our YouTube views are going off the charts…Thank you for all that have visited, and for those of you that haven’t yet…better get there for your Gymnastics Minutes Tips…all the other coaches are there!!


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Mas Watanabe writes about  Competition Goals


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Learning the Glide Kip   DVD
by Dan Connelly
Learning the Glide Kip will help you teach you a successful glide kip on uneven bars. The kip is one of the fundamental skills needed for bars, and a complicated skill of timing and strength for the beginner/intermediate gymnast to do correctly. You will learn conditioning drills before learning the kip, some of the fundamentals of the glide, and some of Dan’s favorite kip drills with demonstrations of each in this comprehensive DVD.

(More info). $29.95

GymSmarts GymSmarts

Balance Beam Dismount Basics DVD
by Tammy Biggs

Tammy Biggs, continues her in-depth balance beam skills basics with this Developing Balance Beam Dismount Basics. In detail she breaks down each critical portion of developing dismounts from the beam. From the stretch jump, root skills needed and punching, to single flipping, and beginning double backs, she clearly and succinctly explains basics of each part of the cartwheel, round-offs and back handsprings as they relate to the beam dismount. This DVD is a must for anyone wanting to perform advanced dismounts, and the body positions are clearly performed by the demonstrators from Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy.
(More info). $29.95

GymSmarts GymSmarts


Welcome Wibiya

WibiyaDo you have a web site that needs updating?  I have some, and I wanted to add social media awareness to the site…enter Wibiya.  Now I have an apps bar that shows my visitors where to find us without them leaving the site, and I get stats!

Search the site, translate it, show my latest on YouTube, Facebook friends, twitter, latest blog entries, let them share the page with friends. Put on a chat, show realtime users.

It took me about 30 minutes to set everything up, and was so simple to add to a blog or website. So as I work on updating my site, I have at least added something new to it.  Check it out at: GymSmarts!

Top DVDs for 2009

GymSmarts Top DVDs for 2009

Five Sets ranked in the top 20…

  1. Mas Watanabe’s Tumbling Set
  2. Tony Gehman’s Advance Tumbling Set
  3. Mas Watanabe’s Bar Set
  4. Mas Watanabe’s Vaulting Series
  5. Beth Gardner’s Preschool and Rec Gym 1-3


Top 10 individual DVDs:

  1. Tammy Biggs – Leaps and Jumps
  2. Tammy Biggs – Beam Complexes
  3. Mary Lee Tracy – Core Strength
  4. Mary Lee Tracy – Circuit Training
  5. Tammy Biggs – Flexibility
  6. Tony Retrosi – 5 Bar Skills
  7. Tammy Biggs – Round-off
  8. Tammy Biggs- Flipping Drills
  9. Tammy Biggs – Aerials
  10. Debbie Rodriguez – Beam Stability

Purchase any of these that you missed at: http://gymsmarts.com

    We have two new DVDs this month!! The Ball from Mary Lee Tracy, and another great one from Tammy Biggs, Balance Beam Handstand Complexes.


    Don’t forget to visit: www.GymsmartsCommunity.com. for more coaching information, comment back to the coaches. New posts by:

    Let our coaches what you would like to hear about.  Let us know what you want. 


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    New June Releases

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    The Ball   DVD
    by Mary Lee Tracy

    A conditioning circuit from Mary Lee Tracy using the Swiss Ball and the weighted ball
    The Ball, continues her popular series for conditioning athletes and developing great body shapes and strength. Exercises work on the upper body, core strength, balance and posture.  
    (More info). $29.95

    GymSmarts GymSmarts

    Balance Beam Handstand Complexes  DVD
    by Tammy Biggs

    Learn the essential handstand skills for balance beam with warm-ups. This video covers handstand drills for beam warm-up. The video covers handstand walking, arm use, one arm handstand, straight arm blocking, using the alternate leg and the complete complex.
    (More info). $29.95

    GymSmarts GymSmarts

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