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Preparing for Season

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Most of us are about 8-10 weeks out of competition season, wondering if we are on track and doing everything possible to be prepared for season… Here is a checklist I use to make sure there are no holes!

-skill selection finalized and start values on paper for coach and athlete, review them and then have a judge double check.
-hold verification to begin to check readiness, make everyone aware of where things stand, and begin the mental toughness training for competition.
-get any reworks for choreography scheduled.
-meet schedule should be finalized and communicated to athletes, parents, office and website.
-all attire finalized and ordered, athlete, coaches and spirit wear for parents
-athletes accounts with booster club updated and balances checked
-Mental Choreography for all 4 events on paper.
-visual training of excellence and readiness – show impressive routines for stimulation.
-plan for meet warm up, begin putting it into daily training at least a couple days per week.
-pre-season evaluation for all athletes to keep parents updated so there are no total surprises when it is time to go.
-all meet registrations, flights and hotels should be in the process.
-sports psych education in place to prepare your athletes and individuals and members of a team, “what do we want to stand for this season?”

Good Luck to everyone as you prepare for your upcoming season!


Purpose of Verifications

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

It is that time of year to transition from training mode to putting it ALL together for competition. I believe that “failure to plan is planning to fail.” So I use preseason verifications to get the athletes and coaches on the same page so when we walk into the competition everything is on auto-pilot.

Each one is done a little differently based on how far out of season we are. All 5 dates are set for the preseason verifications. We do warm up 4 events compete 4 since that is how Classics is run. I ask the girls to wear long sleeve leos, I email the line up and they fill out a sheet with their goals for the verification. We do our meet warm up and pre meet rituals as a team and space for the individual to do what they need. Each event has a preset warm up and a 30 sec. touch that is put together by both of us. Everything is timed from warm ups to competition. It is important they they feel the meet pressure so that they get their skills in order as to how they will handle it. We go straight through and then discuss at the end of the verification and immediately work on areas that need improvement. That night, each athlete is asked to journal about their verification in relation to their goals and what needs to be done before the next one. Good Luck in your preparation!!