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Circuit Training 2009 – Mary Lee Tracy

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Here is Mary Lee Tracy’s powerpoint presentation on Circuit Training.

If you are interested in the video that was made for this presentation you can get it here.

The Ranch is a Great Enviornment for Learning!!!

Monday, May 11th, 2009

As much as it is challenging to leave the gym for 5 days and go to the “ranch” it is my monthly fuel.  It so much tunes up my eye for excellence!!

I will share some of the key things that were educational to me this past week….

VAULT:  Speed of the arms in hurdle  up and to floor and then up to the slightly above horizontal position when making contact on the board, this allows the athlete to use the remainder of the arm swing to accelerate the hips to rise on preflight (if the hips and legs are tight of course).  I watched the best vaulters in our country be so quick with all contact from, floor to board, board to table, and then table to rise…. no counter movements so no counter rotation slowing them down!!  (Mas)

BARS: *FORM on tap swing, extension of shoulders and hips at beginning of the tap swing, keeping chest in throughout rise of the giant.  (Just an eye tune up)  *Base arm remaining locked and pushing at beginning of all pirouettes.   *Extension over the low bar at the beginning of all front giant drops, then being sure that the feet continue movement down as athlete sits to start tap (again, no counter rotations) and then on the way up keep pushing the hips away- BIG circle so there is no pull or bent arms on the final phase of the front giant. *And finally the importance of the early tap on paks and then the toe pick up without piking into the release…. just a few tid bits!!  – Tatiana

BEAM:  *Blocking the chest up into the punch fronts and getting the arms up and back prior to the punch.  *Keeping the lead leg straight and up to horizontal on the switch leaps and switch sides.  *Lock the base leg on your full turns  *Double plie into all aerials! – Tammy

FLOOR:  *Keep your round offs straight – sometimes helps to draw a long straight chalk line on tumbling run.  *Arms straight on BHS  *Watch the knees on all punching *Hips and core tight while twisting eliminate”the wiggle”  -Mihai

Conditioning- Very important to have some form of physical abilities to test and measure each month with your athletes.

Flexibility- A HUGE priority with the new code!!!

Flex and well planned conditioning are the key to getting rid of the execution deductions!!!

Enjoy creating excellence!!!