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Circuit Training 2009 – Mary Lee Tracy

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Here is Mary Lee Tracy’s powerpoint presentation on Circuit Training.

If you are interested in the video that was made for this presentation you can get it here.

USA Project 2012

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

First session in a series 6 online webinars! It was an experience and an adventure in technology for education!
Today I did a session on Efficient and Effective Conditioning, I really enjoyed the preparation and the clinic itself. It reminded me of the many areas I need to stay on top of in the development of elite athletes.
Create a culture where conditioning is cool, complimented and contagious! That is up to us as coaches to create an enviornment where conditioning is the way to go!

E Score is Execution!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

After listening to Tammy Biggs for 3 days I have reminded myself as a coach, the importance of form and amplitude when it comes to the outcome which is the final score!  Getting the start value up is important too but sometimes all the work and wear and tear on the body for .1 is so much harder than just cleaning up some form an increasing amplitude.

After some mid season injuries, I am going to keep my focus tight on conditioning, flexility and details to increase our scores and keep the athletes safe!