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Preparing for Season

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Most of us are about 8-10 weeks out of competition season, wondering if we are on track and doing everything possible to be prepared for season… Here is a checklist I use to make sure there are no holes!

-skill selection finalized and start values on paper for coach and athlete, review them and then have a judge double check.
-hold verification to begin to check readiness, make everyone aware of where things stand, and begin the mental toughness training for competition.
-get any reworks for choreography scheduled.
-meet schedule should be finalized and communicated to athletes, parents, office and website.
-all attire finalized and ordered, athlete, coaches and spirit wear for parents
-athletes accounts with booster club updated and balances checked
-Mental Choreography for all 4 events on paper.
-visual training of excellence and readiness – show impressive routines for stimulation.
-plan for meet warm up, begin putting it into daily training at least a couple days per week.
-pre-season evaluation for all athletes to keep parents updated so there are no total surprises when it is time to go.
-all meet registrations, flights and hotels should be in the process.
-sports psych education in place to prepare your athletes and individuals and members of a team, “what do we want to stand for this season?”

Good Luck to everyone as you prepare for your upcoming season!


Kettlebells for Gymnastics – video

Sunday, September 20th, 2009


By: Mary Lee Tracy
Kettle Bells have been around for years even though they are considered the “NEW fitness toy” in the USA. They originated in Russia to build physical strength for farmers and military men.
The Gymnastics Benefits:
• Increase core strength while working range of motion in shoulders.
• Increase ballistic movements with legs while activating the core.
• Skill specific strength development.
• Improves overall stability and coordination.
Basic Terminology for Kettle Bells:
• Single Kettle Bell Swing – r , L, alternate
• Two Kettle Bell Swing – bent, bent to releve
• Clean – bent between to overhead or straight between legs to overhead
• Dead lifts – single (1) and double leg together & straddle (2) also to releve flat hips
• Traveling Kettles – squat walks
Squat jumps between – arms @horizontal, squat jumps arms overhead
• Kettle sit ups – single (1) double (2)
One Set: on exercise ranging from 5 – 20 reps
Superset: two sets of different exercises done back to back no rest
Triple Set: three sets of three different exercises no break
Giant Set: four sets or more exercises in a row with no break
*The multiple sets will increase muscle endurance, add cardio and burn calories!
Weight: 5 to 10 lbs, no need for anymore
Traveling squat jumps / hurdle pass / hyper arm swings
Alternate lunges / Board bounces / jump to candle
Cleans / casts / hdst hold
Clear Hip drills / clear hip
Toes and Stalters
Giants / roll backs
Giant full / around the worlds
Tchav / sit ups
*(1) Kettle Bell Walks swing– arms front
middle, arms overheads, traveling lunges
*(1) Single swing squats to releve –in place , *(2) Db swing squats to releve- in place,
*(1) Face side swing squats (stay in plie) ,
*(2) Switch leap drills – legs R,L (arms at side)
*(2) Switch leap standing swing arms R, L
*(2) Turn drills 1. Arms down (2) 2. Arms at
horizontal (2) 3. Arms overhead (1 bell)
*Straight jumps (2) 1. arms down 2. Arms
front middle 3. Arms overhead
*Hdst step ins 1. Horizontal arms 2. overhead
*Hdst lunges same 1, 2 same arms

Example triple set: switch drill, switch leap, active tramp
Squat jump up to block, back tuck, tuck rocker
Hdst step in, hdst bk tuck
Building muscle endurance, routine endurance, POWER

Super sets:
Diagonal- traveling lunges / db diagonal sprints
Diagonal – traveling squats / db bkwd diagonal sprints
Diagonal – hurdles / bhs snap downs

Triple sets:
Squats jumps to block / kettle swings / st. bk tucks (5’s)
Around the world / diagonal punches / rd off snap through
Straight leg arm swings / punches to panel / front tucks up

Endurance: any of the basic swings will serve the entire body
for added muscle endurance and cardio

Region 5 Congress

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I have been so blessed to be a part of Region 5! There are so many people full of knowledge and willing to share their experiences with everyone who wants to listen and learn. Coaching technique, classroom instruction, business and psychology are all offered throughout the weekend. These congresses have been a huge part of my success over the years and for that I am very grateful!!