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Verification for Championships

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

At this point, it is time to get into auto-pilot so the pressure cannot break you. I like to do what the college teams do and have at least 2 verifications per week to increase mental and emotional toughness. The physical preparation is primarily complete except for continuing to clean the routines. Now is the time for a coach to make 100% sure that their athletes know they believe they can HIT ROUTINES! It is important to let go of some of the things that “bug you” and focus on their excellent qualities so that you can build them up! CONFIDENCE BUILDS CONSISTENCY AND CONSISTENCY BUILD CONFIDENCE…TAKE YOUR PICK!!

After Classics Thoughts…..

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Very interesting weekend in Des Moines!! The juniors were hot and there were lots of them! Not quite the same with the seniors, but it is always like this the year after the Olympics. Lots of Senior athletes taking their time to come up for Championships with high hopes of being healthy and strong to set them up for World Championships.
There are 32 juniors and 22 seniors qualified to Championships, should be a great meet!

Now the challenge for us as coaches is the balance of the numbers for confidence and the numbers for healthy body at the finish line! Good luck coaches, watch the body language and make good decisions so you have a horse left to go across the finish line…. this is my goal for the next 2 weeks!

Preparation for Peak Season

Friday, July 17th, 2009

So so many things to think about!!! Keep them safe and do the repetitions needed to be confident and consistent is the toughest balance of all!!! That is where your relationship with your athlete and the mutual communication will make you or break you…. and them. I am at that time of the year as we prepare for season and I must remind myself everyday that I am the temperature control for the environment and my every word will make an impact on my athletes. As you get closer to the moments of peak season it is of utmost importance to be aware of your gymnasts mental state. Help teach them to surround themselves with positive thoughts, actions, body language, and self talk! WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOU WILL BRING ABOUT! Hang signs, quotes, actions and images of the athlete you want to be at these PEAK MOMENTS!! MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL TOUGHNESS is the name of the game when you get to the finish line! Make sure you have prepared your athletes and given them the tools they will need to be prepared!!