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E Score is Execution!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

After listening to Tammy Biggs for 3 days I have reminded myself as a coach, the importance of form and amplitude when it comes to the outcome which is the final score!  Getting the start value up is important too but sometimes all the work and wear and tear on the body for .1 is so much harder than just cleaning up some form an increasing amplitude.

After some mid season injuries, I am going to keep my focus tight on conditioning, flexility and details to increase our scores and keep the athletes safe!

Contests for athletes!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Putting together full sets prior to the season beginning can be a very frustrating time for coaches and athletes!  I find that this is the time to introduce a “game / contest” with prizes of course.  Athletes are all competitive and love girl fun prizes!

We are doing “sunshine chips” for the 4 week pre season preparation.  Each day there is a list on how they can earn chips (yellow poker chips), it is always amazing to me at what an athlete will do for a sunshine chip!  There is also an opportunity for bonus chips if you can make your coach say WOW anytime during the workout.

At the end of the 4 weeks we have  a LIVE AUCTION scheduled at my house where the girls will bid on the variety of summer fun prizes I have picked up along the way.

Give it a try next time you reach one of those valleys and need a pick me up!

Have a great day!!

Alison Arnold At CGA

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Alison Arnold did a great session with the elites this morning!  We are in the “frustrating” process of starting the first week of fulls sets and there are A LOT  of female emotions flying around my gym.  Alison’s session was about dropping their emotional girl self at the door and bringing in their “robot self” when walking onto the floor.  Each athlete made a robot and named it after herself (ex. Bri-bot, C- bot) They created their athlete robot to have all of the qualities they need to be successful.  “She” is programmed  to be  mentally and emotionally tough enough to become a Champion!  After workout each elite goes back to her real life and deals with her life of emotions!!  It was so awesome and they had a blast with it during workout.  The best part for me was not dealing with the little issues that get in the way of progress!