“She’s Not a Construction Worker”

June 8th, 2008 by Kris Merlo Robinson, PT

I work with a gymnast whose mother is in the medical field.  I have choreographed nearly every one of this beautiful gymnast’s routines.  She is in college now and this will be the second and final college floor routine that I help her create.  Her mom told me a story today that really sheds light on a situation.  We all need to think about what we’re asking gymnasts to do and consider what the long-term injury results will be.  I understand the coaches view, after coaching in the NCAA for 16 years, but I am a physical therapist.  The mom told me that her daughter had a spiral fracture in one of her fingers and the coach said to just tape it up.  The mom said, “She’s not a construction worker!”  I love this comeback to the coach.  More people need to speak up and more people need to educate themselves on healing times, etc.  Maybe even take the broken finger and flip some of these coaches off.

“Got Physical Therapy?!?!?!?”


June 6th, 2008 by Kris Merlo Robinson, PT


It’s been a hard month.  Scheduling choreography, working on routines, and helping gymnasts find music, in my “spare time.”


One mom just put the whole situation in order.

“As far as music selection goes, it has just started.  (The coach) has given her a few sample CD’s that she has listened to; so far she has rejected every song she has heard.  I suspect it will be a painful process.”

This has been the life of Kris, the choreographer, for the past month.

Climbing the Furniture

May 3rd, 2008 by Kris Merlo Robinson, PT

My husband said, “You have got to come and see this!”  Usually it’s one of our (almost one year-old) twin boys climbing on something, hanging on something, or crawling into a tight space.  Tonight it was CJ, he’s 3 and 1/2.  He fell asleep on the couch in a headstand.  His hands and head in a tripod on the floor and his legs piked over the seat of the couch.  There really is something about kids and furniture and prospective gymnasts.  Both my husband and I have heard it from parents for years.  As coaches, gym owners, and educators, you gotta listen to the parents and believe this “climbing the furniture” thing! 

The Book

May 2nd, 2008 by Kris Merlo Robinson, PT

It seems as though everyone wants to write a book.  Well, I already “wrote” one.  I wrote an entry everyday after gymnastics practice for five years!  My dad’s idea.  He said, “If you’re going to do this many hours a day, this many days a week, you better keep track of what you are doing.”  So I did.  This journal began when I was 12 and stopped at age 17.  There are at least 1500 mimiographed sheets (as my dad still called the process) – my hand-written daily log – complete with dates, times, #s of routines, moods, quotes, comments, feelings, reactions, weigh-ins, scores, and other interesting facts and figures.  My husband sees it as a book.  It’s ready.  It’s waiting.  It’s “good stuff.” In my spare time – between changing diapers (twin babies), dealing with temper tantrums (three year-old), trying to figure out the minds (four teenagers), acting like a single mom (when hubby is away with USAG stuff), dealing with elderly parents and in-laws, writing USECA, IG and Posture Lady articles, helping 46 gymnasts (more to come) find floor music for routines this summer –

I WILL PUBLISH THIS BOOK SOMEHOW SOMEWAY SOMEWHERE over the rainbow!  It’ll be worth the pot of gold.