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So…You’re Sitting At Your Computer…

Friday, April 18th, 2008

So…You’re Sitting At Your Computer…

Posture Alert:

SITTING POSTURE: The low back should be straight and relaxed flat against the back of the chair, with the feet flat on the floor (put something under your feet if they don’t touch the floor). The chest should be slightly up, shoulders pulled gently back and shoulder blades pulled gently down and back and in toward the spine.  Get up and move around every 15 to 30 minutes.

Lift your arms up over your head as if you are doing a wall slide exercise (sitting or standing): Place your hands up beside your head with your elbows touching the wall (or imaginary wall).  If needed, correct your feet and knees (face them straight ahead, with “soft” knees if you are standing), then tilt your pelvis to flatten your low back against the wall by pulling up and in with the lower abdominal muscles.  Keeping your arms in contact with the wall, move your arms slowly to a diagonally overhead position.  (Hold several seconds and repeat 5 to 8 times.)

Stop slouching!

“Got Posture?!?!?!?”