“Never Leave the Ending Until the End”

Good choreography rule:  “Don’t Leave the Ending To the End”

If you choreograph a floor routine over several days (I work with the gymnast for 1.5 to 2 hours/day on two separate days) take this advice.  Anything more (like when I coached college and could do the routines whenever I wanted to) would be a luxury.  Start working on the ending the first day!  Plan the routine.  Plan the tumbling passes (almost every gymnast takes 6-point-something seconds to do a three to four flight pass).  Plan the spacing of the dance elements and plan for cool moves to cool music.  But think about the ending too!  “A good ending is 40% of the dance!”

Reference:  These two “rules” are 2 of the 11 items on Doris Humphrey’s checklist for choreography.  “The Art of Making Dances”  1959  ISBN 0-87127-158-3

“Got Choreography?!?!?!?”


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