Tuck Back Somersault

I recently did a Gymnastic Minute indicating three important tips on executing a Tuck Back Somersault.  I would like to clarify a couple of things with regard to this skill.  First and most important, I NEVER said anything about throwing the head back much less “chucking” it.The tip again was:  1. throw the arms up past the ears2.  bring the knees up while keeping the arms up3.  grab the knees and “look back”There is a huge difference between looking back for the landing and throwing one’s head back.Please note that the three part tip above is meant to be done in precisely that order: arms, knees, head.  If you do the first two with a tight body, by the time you do number 3 you are past vertical and no matter what you do with your head (which weighs only approx. 5 lbs.) it will not influence the somersault in any way other than to provide you with an opportunity to visually prepare for the landing.I appreciate your comments on my minute and realize that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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