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Tony Gehman – Advanced Tumbling Skills: Back Twisting

Introduction – The main prerequisite for advanced backward tumbling, is the ability to develop horizontal momentum across the floor-ex area.  This may be achieved through a well executed series of consecutive back handsprings or bounding whip-backs.  Next the gymnast must demonstrate the ability to perform a round-off, back handspring, backlayout approximately head height or higher, […]

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Kris Robinson – A Greater Understanding of the Shoulder Joint

This article contains a collection of information that I presented at the “Future Stars Championships and Coaches Workshop” in Colorado Springs (United States Olympic Training Center).  When looking at the shoulder joint, it is imperative that one studies it from both a muscle strength and muscle length perspective, as well as a posture and muscle […]

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Mas Watanabe – Team Dynamics

GS: The current group of girls you are working with are fun to watch. The dynamics of the group seems very positive and each one seems to bring different strengths to the group. Mas Watanabe: Yes, I enjoy working with girls that I have right now. I have four, only four but each of the […]

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Kris Merlo Robinson – Posture Alert

 POSTURE ALERT from “THE POSTURE LADY”:  I have some very important posture tips to help gymnasts improve their skills and presentation and to help them prevent injuries.  Share the information below with each and every gymnast that you work with!  Hello. My name is Kris Merlo Robinson, PT, better known in the gymnastics world as […]

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Dan Connelly › Strap Bar

GymSmarts Community (beta) › Create New Post — WordPress GymSmarts caught up with Dan Connelly for this interview to discuss portions of his Swing like a Champion DVD.  This interview covers the use of the strap bar in developing strong swing fundamentals.  The DVD itself covers all he important elements of swing forward and backward […]

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