Kris Robinson

headerkmr.jpg From the computer of Kris Merlo Robinson, “The Posture Lady,” choreographer and physical therapist… while she is receiving medical treatment in Germany:

Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 23rd, 2009.  She had a routine mammogram that looked fine but then two ultrasounds with the second showing a suspect spot.  A biopsy confirmed the cancer and a MRI and a PET scan showed an 8×3 cm mass.  She handled the situation well and researched her disease extensively.  The type of breast cancer was invasive lobular carcinoma, HER2 negative, 89% estrogen receptor positive, grade 2, stage II B.  On January 29th, she had a bilateral mastectomy, with all the lymph nodes in the left armpit removed, 4/14 cancerous.  No other organs have metastases and everything seems clear, but doctors fear the unknown spread.
Instead of 6 months of the recommended American chemo. and 7 weeks of daily radiation, Kris decided instead to seek out immunobiological treatment in Germany at the Hufeland Klinik for 6 weeks. Treatment is gentle and immune system-based and the philosophy is positive and interesting, treating the mind, body and spirit.  The German Klinik physicians are extremely positive and the patients are inspirational. 
The stay and treatment in Germany is expensive and insurance may or may not cover part of it.  The plan also involves ongoing prevention of the spread of cancer by receiving regular fever therapies in Germany (not available in the US) and other immune system builders.  Kris plans on starting gymnastics choreography in mid-June after a restful month of May and one more chest surgery.
Any amount of money that you are able to donate to her family of 9 would be greatly appreciated.  Kris has 5 kids and 2 step-daughters.  Jeff, her husband, still works at Disney as a stuntman and coaches gymnastics after work to try to make ends meet.  They added a “nanny” for their 5 year-old boy and twin 2 year-old boys while Kris had surgery and went through recovery and while she is in Germany for the 6 week stay.Please consider a donation to Kris for direct help with medical expenses by sending a check to the following:
Kris Merlo Robinson
8815 Conroy Windermere Rd      
Orlando, Florida  32835
Kris is very positive about her treatment and recovery and has also set-up a trust named “Treasure Chest for Health” in which gymnasts with mothers going through a life-threatening illness can get help with choreography needs and kids can be educated on posture, muscle balance, healthy lifestyle, breast health and holistic care.  You can also make a donation to “Treasure Chest for Health” at 8815 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando, Florida 32835 in order to kick-off her trust fund for others.
Thank you very much for your help and support!

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