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Hidy Ya’ll!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

How are ya?

Now that I have finished satisfying and feeding the gods of the IRS, I have some time to blab.  Fortunately for me, Tom and Reiko have provided me a place to plaster all my blabbing angst.  Lucky you. ;)  Tom and Reiko have no idea that which they have unleashed upon the world.

One of the articles I have written and posted before is called “What Do I Do If…?”  I created the article from questions that coaches had submitted during various roundtable discussions at various congresses over the years.  I guess that’s sort of how I perceive this blog: a big “What do I Do If…?”  So, I think I’ll start with the original article and you guys chip in!  If you have other ideas about something, or comments you’d like to add, PLEASE feel free to share your voice.  I ALWAYS love an excuse to continue……..blabbing. :)

 So, I guess I’ll start with the original article and go from there..