Session Handout: Preschool Safety

Preschool Safety

Beth Gardner, Heart of Texas Gymnastics

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Preschool children present their own set of criteria within the gym environment.  The differences do not stop at those skills which  we teach preschoolers and how we teach them.  Rather, they include the safety issues of which we should be aware.

Safety warnings

       verbal not written

       repeated often

       Safety games              

Safety in stretches

      Three purposes to a good warm-up. 

      Hold times     

     Ballistic vs. Dynamic     

     Keeping the spine straight and eliminating unnecessary torque     

     Knees / Splits

Class Management

      Class Ratios

      Field of Vision

      Obstacle course layout

      Diminishing Distractions 

      Consistent Cues          

Parental Education

      Articles and Safety Information

      Keeping the Parents Engaged in Parent/Tot Classes

      Safe Spotting

      Passive Heimlich

Bars Safety

     Industry Standards

     Small Hands


     Age for hanging unsupported

     Skin the Cat    

 Beam Safety

      Industry Standards

      Nursemaid’s Elbow

      Floor beams vs High beam

Trampoline Safety

     Double bouncing

     One child per tramp

     Nursemaid’s Elbow           

The Never-ending Debate: bridges

       Spondolysis  /   Spondylolisthesis 

      Physiology of the Preschooler


      Lack of flexibility within the shoulders

      Alternative stretches

Special Needs

            Down’s Syndrome / cervical neck x-ray

            Safety rules apply to special needs kids too

            Floater coaches

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