More Gymsmarts

Hi Everyone,

So excited for another Gymsmarts filming here at Cincinnati gymnastics.  Planning on doing two presentations that span my two favorite topics:  fear and life.  My first new video, The Secret, is a new way at looking at life and coaching.  It may be a little weird for some coaches, but aren’t you all sick of the same ol same ol?  The Secret is based on the Law of Attraction which states whatever you think about and feel, is what you create in your life and gym.  The presentation will teach coaches how to get themselves and their athletes in a confident place of full belief where they can take their gymnastics to the next level.

The second presentation will be on the most popular topic I present on…dealing with FEAR!  I know it drives most coaches crazy and I will give coaches some great tools on how to deal with FEAR in a way with no tears! 

 Just came from Region Five Congress, which was awesome by the way!  Very proud of all the Region 5 athletes and coaches tha were recognized at the banquet.  Keep up the good work, Region 5!

 Until we meet again,


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